Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hawaii Traditions Concept designed by Webster Wilson Architec

The design of this building is the result of so artistic design. Webster Wilson Designed by architect, using wood element Hawaiian tradition of sunlight and privacy protection as for home as for the outer regions. It seems very suitable in the tropics. The building looks solid and overlooks a beautiful beach and lush vegetation. Lava masonry walls are quite popular around the island and are made from the local black basalt lava flows. Visit to this website for more information Webster Wilson


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Eastern Accents with Simple Bedding Design

Contemporary decoration for bedding is the most popular. Design concept selection and color in your luxurious room sometimes need a lot of choices. This luxurious blanket company has two different collections, Eastern Accents Bedding classic traditional style and modern contemporary decor Feathersound bedding. To complement your luxurious dressing room, you can accent your bedding with designer window curtain panels, also in color and smooth texture. And they have hundreds of items bedding accessories also.
Interested visit  Eastern Accents

Monday, September 7, 2009

Urano Bed Minimalist Concept designed by Leonardo Dainelli

Leonardo Dainelli create a concept design minimalist bed. Design Bed Urano this classic impressed with the head of the bed and form a framework of high thickness depends on the base of polished steel, very extreme attractive object. Scan the website information Falegnameria 1946 here

Giornopergiono Living Room from Guessegu

This could be categorized as a collection of dramatic. Although minimalist look is modern and not outdated. This design is part of the collection New'09 from Guessegu called GIORNOPERGIORNO. The collection consists of black and white to give maximum flexibility. Many things are available in this collection: opening and closing containers, bookshelves, shelves, tables and chairs, benches and many pieces of other furniture that the endless creative possibilities offered in designing a simple room, but practical. Besides not only available in black and white finish the collection ranges from high natural wood varnished glossy laminate. Visit website Giessegi

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Little Baby Gilda Furnuture, Pallucco

Furniture Lighting is named Baby Gilda being so perfect in the merger between the appearance and function, the shade comes in six finish: white or ivory parchment, natural or black dyed hemp, black or beige Ornaments. Shape that is not too big and simple form is easy to get in the placement of ruangan.dilengkapi with 150W halogen bulb, dimmer transparent with electrical cables and connection / fitting E27 for the 230V version, while, 1 incandescent double glass bulb type A, 150W connection / installation of E26 for the 110V version. If you want to have a Baby Gilda furniture lamp, visit the website Pallucco

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ghini Associates with Ferrari Store of Serrevalle Scrivia Ferrari Concept

Building with an area of about 370 square meters with the dominant red color is synonymous with Formula One. IOSA design results Ghini Associates located outside Glen Mc Artur Outlet in Serravalle Scrivia is a Ferrari Store of Serrevalle Scrivia Ferrari concept. Graph style is an integral part of the project, the personal vision of the IOSA Ghini Associates architectural space, in which three-dimensional meeting to get the area covered is able to capture all the senses, to deliver an interesting idea through physical and iconographic interpretation.

Glass outside the commercial gallery space. As with all Ferrari merchandise shop area: zone for Ferrari fans are designed with high flexibility of aluminum bar, the luxurious zone of the display window using soft materials, brushed and polished leather varnish, in the zone of children who integrated the two systems: the screen and displays windows finished in yellow varnish. The ceiling in the form of fake design lines and follow the path ensemble visitors. Design area is closely related to graphic design and specific projects for each of the Ferrari Store.
More information follow this website on  Iosa Ghini Associates

via : contemporist

Friday, September 4, 2009

Strata Desk for Office with Transparent Glass by Karim Rashid

This is one of contemporary furniture with a minimalist look designed by KarimRashid. With the design of the material cold white lacquered desk size 120 x 62 xh 140, thickness 15mm, weight of 140kg with a transparent glass material is suitable for your office interior. Not just a desk, there is also a mirror version of the table into an elegant dressing table, by issuing a wood.Ini shelf design Tonelli, for information about the product please visit the website Tonelli Design

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ideal Contemporary Interior Design by Stefan Boublild

The following design is ideal for families with 2 children. Each room has built communal living space stood between the main room and the children's room, hidden behind a trap door in the library, thus providing a buffer from the sight and sound. Wood furniture bookcases mambalut and graffiti art depicting a tiger and an eagle in the fight to add the beauty of the room. The beautiful interior of the house located on 61 floor tower metropolitan, New York is designed by Stefan Boublil.