Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wall Mounted Fireplace with Artistic Designed by Montegrappa, Italian

This is a collection of fire from Italian furniture manufacturer Montegrappa so artistic. There are several designs of the fireplace to complement your interior decor and Labirinto including Dedalo that comes with the artistic side, Linea fireplace designed in the form of a pyramid, and some collections that have a brick border. Election form or adapted to the interior design of your home. Visit the website for more information on Montegrappa

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lego Group Creatif Idea Office Designed by Bosch & Fjord

In the following design is a creative idea, which made work so much. In the design office with a fixed reflecting corporate values and creating a comfortable space for all employees. The design on each corner to create a separate emotionally. EGO Group office is one of the Bosch & Fjord project completed in 2007. Bosch & Fjord designed a series of meeting rooms, reception and cafe area and a few rooms and projects to inspire and challenge employees in-creases the sustainable development process in the development department of the LEGO Group. In this office you can enjoy the facility lobby, cafe, meeting rooms, reception, etc., which in the design so interesting. Hopes to improve morale in it.
Source by Bosch - Fjord ; Photos by : Anders Sune Berg

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Red Espacio C Design by Row Studio Architech, Mexico

This is a training building located at Mixcoac Distribution Center in southwestern Mexico City where the building has two rooms with a capacity of 8 people. In this building is also used for the informal meeting, teamwork, brainstorming and other formal training sessions. Dominated by the red color looks so bold with amazing interior concept. On every corner there is room wallpaper texture and color and covered with a special anti-graffiti coating that changes with the wall surface into a dry erase board and at the same time vinyl graphic summarizes protect them from damage. Espacio C is the result of Row Studio Architects design. The graph on the exterior makes the composition based on the Coca Cola logo is formed by continuous waves of bubbles, animal and plant. Please visit the website on here ROW Studio

via : [archdaily]

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Beautifull of Barbie Flagship Store and Cafe Consept designed by Slade Architecture

 If we hear the name Barbie certainly impressed our memory directly glamorous, girly, even luxurious. Pink colors dominate and exclusive. This is a Store and Cafe is the largest in the area of 35,000 square meters and the most comprehensive collection of Barbie dolls and licensed Barbie product. Starting from the interior and the exterior is the result of cold hands Slade Architecture. The concept is to offer trendy, cool, unapologetically feminine Barbie: past, present, and future with the main color Pink. The main color is the interior and exterior of the store is Barbie pink express cutting-edge fashion sense and history

Barbie Cafe, a beautiful restaurant and gelato bar on the top floor, offers guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy the local convenience foods and beverages that inspired Barbies. Mattel and David Laris Concept well planned and Cafe Fashion Cafe Barbie. The second room was designed by Slade Architecture. Look at the photos below.

source & snap by Slade Architecture