Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Concept of Living Room With Direct Light and Water View

Whether you want the concept interior that impressed the living room open?? Maybe this could be your inspiration about the concept of a living room with direct light, furniture and color combinations that I thought was so interesting. You can enjoy the tinkle of the piano as he saw the water view, maybe you can add inspiration and make you relaxed and comfortable being there.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Advertising Agency "JWT" Design by Clive Wilkinson Architects

Please browse the following photo. This is the largest advertising agency JWT in the world designed by the creative ideas of Architects Wikinson Clive in 2004. Development with five chains in which to accommodate more than 900 employees. Combination of colors and furniture placement makes it so dynamic, flexible, reflecting the revitalization of the company's branded identity offer. Visit website Clive Wilkinson Architects

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Luxurious of Sultan Lounge by Stephane Dupoux, Kuala Lumpur

Certainly curious not like what Sultan Lounge?? Please see the following picture. This is a luxurious room Lounge Sultan in the City Center, Kuala Lumpur. Stephane Dupoux with maximum design and creative ideas to put it in the form of spatial design and a very stately and artistic author's view. Almost every interior is golden and decadent layer of color and use the tent roof Arabic. Looks very fancy it?? Anyone would be very comfortable and this also can be used as a place of business or banqueting hall. More information visit the website Design Dupoux.

The Amazing Church Transformation by Multiplicity

This building was a place of prayer Christian groups (churches). In 2004, the architects made a transformation from a church project to a private house with no sense of holiness eliminate. Architects create a design that perfectly with the interior of the building and landscaping still radiates beauty and the church without losing the original nuances. Visit the website here for more information multiplicity

Colourful Clock Ornament For Wall Decoration by Steve Cambronne

Perhaps with the addition of ornamental clock, the design of your home can reflect the personality of course you will punctuality. Clock ornament selection should be adjusted with your room interior design. One of them may be a clock with a bright color patterns and colorful designs by Steve Cambronne can be your choice. Fix prices below $ 300 was inspired in the mid century retro concept design. Please visit the website Steve Cambronne


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Modern & Simple Furniture Design by Yonoh Studio

Here is one design of a modern Yonoh Studio for the modern interior as well. This simple form is very modular product so that the user needs. As an example of the design firm Valencia this one. Visit "Nude 2007: New International Design Show" (24-29 September, 2007) for information on other modern furniture.

Futura Cucine - The Luxurious Design of Black and White Italian Kitchen

This is a creative idea from the Italian kitchen manufacturer "Futura Cunine" that will bring your kitchen in shades of black and white. Of course the color combination is very luxurious and exploratory and modern. The kitchen is so clean dry by setting the location of furniture, aluminum counter top, and shelves on the wall to put the ornaments and pictures as a sweetener room. For more information, please visit the website Futura Cucine

Monday, January 11, 2010

Garden Room With Fusion of Contemporary & Traditional Concept

This is the design of the garden room which is a fusion of contemporary and traditional concept. Designer furniture with a touch of paintings on the wall so it looks so beautiful and simple. The chair is a collection of Coblands Farm Antiques, covered in Savile Stripe by Osborne & Little. Visit website here

Saturday, January 9, 2010

MashStudio - Concept of Space On Kid Robot Toys

This is one of the designers Mash Design Studio. Creative idea is to create a concept of space on Kid Robot retail stores located in San Francisco. Making a simple space, but modern and fresh, filled with colorful ornaments on every touch, the shelves are not very big required for toys, as well as storage and display places apparel. All the support of the design such as equipment, signage, and cabinets all prepared so beautiful. Please browse the website MashStudio and interior photos below.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Creative Furniture Design - Image Table by Ivy Design Collection

Do not be fooled by this one-design furniture, because it is not just a picture frame but it is a creative Mabel alloy design for small spaces. Referred to as "Image Table", because this is a space-saving furniture space. This can be folded into a picture frame on the wall, which was so natural that serves also as a table. To go into details of this product, visit the website Ivy design

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jonathan Clark Architects Design with The Penthouse Apartment With One Bedroom

Let us study the following design. Is a penthouse apartment, built with the concept of open space and built on the 50sq m (square meters). Very modern, casual and comfortable although only built in a limited space. Interiorpun adjusted so widespread impression on memperi now located on the fifth floor above the church, this converted Westbourne Grove. The results of the design by Jonathan Clark Architects also offers a design concept Withe one bedroom that can be cut from the spread of light depends on the panel, the area has a kitchen splashback mirrord to give views back over the roof while working in the kitchen, and the bathroom has a glass panel etched still facing the entrance area to bring natural light.